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Poetic and acrobatic duo speaking about the time which flows.



Letokruhy was created by Seiline Vallée and Salvi Salvatore in collaboration with Divadlo Continuo. This performance is a poetic and acrobatic duo on the theme of old age, solitude, necessity to love and to be loved.


This performance was honoured with Grand Prix on "The Neighbours" Central European Theatre Festival in Lublin, Poland.


Not even broken bones are a good reason to give up looking for answers to eternal questions…

Take off your coat.
Keep only what you are still going to need.
It is not much.
The box is rather small.
We will give you everything you deserve.
You do not need that. Leave it here.
There is not much you actually deserve.
Think well what you really need.
No, that’s unhygienic.
The dust settles on old laurels.
Moths have eaten holes in the carnival gingerbread heart.
Leave it here. Come back. Put it back here.
When you get out of here, we would give everything to your relatives.
Free yourself of vanities.
Think about the eternity.
Take off your coat.



Madam Marie Rose Plumet, born in France, widowed, aged 78, when visiting the natal home of her deceased husband, she suffered a massive bleeding in the right hemisphere, aneurism cured, but transport back to France would be too risky, her sons have decided to cover the costs of hospitalization here until her condition improves significantly."

Mr. René Hlaváček, born in Lhota, single, aged 76, a retired mailman, loner and oddity, he has burned the house where many generations of his family have lived and took off on a racing bike toward the city of Dvůr, after some twenty kilometers, he collapsed, fell down, broke his ribs, suffered a light concussion, insanity and dementia, placed for lifetime in our hospice, costs covered by the insurance company."

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«The Flow of Time answers none of the questions that we ask ourselves in slight variations throughout our lives. It just shows that dreams can be stronger than time, pain and loneliness and that it is a shame just to keep yourself on the ground all the time.»

Martina Kinská, daily newspaper Lidové Noviny

«...The actors in The Flow of Time created their own world, combining reality with fantasy and discovering the existential dimension of theatre. They are able to soar to the skies and look into the grave, to hover at the ceiling and to sit in sadness on the stage. They can dream of eternity and know of death. Theatre and creation of this kind is always worthwhile. »

Vladimír Hulec, Time IN

«The performances of Seiline Vallée and Salvi Salvatore represent a unique expression in this country in the category of the so-called "new circus" but exceeding most foreign examples. Both actors perform aerial acrobatics on drapes of fabric with singular lightness...»

J.P.Kříž, Xantypa


The team


Project and Scenario: Seiline Vallée, Salvi Salvatore
Director supervision: Pavel Štourač
Performers: Seiline Vallée, Salvi Salvatore
Dramatic adviser: Jan Vedral
Stage and costumes: Kristýna Patková, Helena Štouračová
Light design: Viktor Amalev
Music: Radek Pobořil, Petr Ostrouchov

Singer: Lenka Dusilová
Production: HAPPY END Production, Jakub Vedral