Happy new year !!






25.11. Anna Karenina,Rock opera- Opening Night !!

RockOpera Praha

26.11. Lidoskop-Divadlo Hybernie

1.12. Faust,Rock opera. RockOpera Praha


25-26.4 - Work-shop Air Arobatics on tissu and rope. More info at Cirqueon

13-16.5 - EXPO MILANO 2015. The universal exhibition Milan, IT

28.5 - FAUST, Rock Opera. RockOpera Praha

12.6 - ALENKA, Amanitas. Cheb, CZ

14-21.6 - IMAGINACIE 2015. Staromestke divadlo, Kosice, SK

8.8 - DeFACTO® - Festival Komedianti v ulicích, Tábor

9-12.8 - DeFACTO® - Festival Theatre Stock. Bacau, R

14-16.8 - Amanitas - Novy Sacz, PL

21.8 - Amanitas - Festival Letní Letná, Praha, CZ

24-30.8 - Obří Loutky, Plzen

11.9 - DeFACTO® - Olomouc, CZ

12.9 - V.O.S.A, Bielsko Biala

14-16.9 - Amanitas, Brest, FR

17.9 - V.O.S.A, Kynžvar

18.9 - DeFACTO® - Cáslav

19.9 - V.O.S.A, Zlín

22.9 - FAUST, Rock Opera. RockOpera Praha

23.9 - Amanitas, Kuks

25.9 - V.O.S.A, Kutná Hora

26.-27.9 - V.O.S.A, Budapest, HU

15.11. The Theatre Night - KD Mlejn Praha

16-17.8 - Short pieces in air - Festival Live Riga. Riga, LV

19.8 - Velvet Blues - Znojmo, CZ

Imaginácie 2014
Imaginácie 2014


Imaginácie 2014
Imaginácie 201422.8 LETNI LETNA 2014, Praha22.8 LETNI LETNA 2014, Praha

22.8 LETNI LETNA 2014, Praha

16.7.2014 - Wenceslas Square, Praha - 16:00, Festival Za Dvermi

17.7 Proluka, Plzen - 18:00, Festival Ziva Ulice

28-29.6.2014 - Velvet Blues in Marcillac-Lanville (16) FR



Festival du Futur Composé / Paris

22.6.2014 - Le mirage des forains - Académie Fratellini

24-29.6.2014 - Blanche Neige - Théâtre Le Monfort




29-31.5, Town's parc – Kosice SK

Staromestke divadlo

Imaginacie 2013

Work-Shop / 5-6.04. 2014  Aerial in Nantes, FR








16.11. The Theatre Night - KD Mlejn Praha

Salvi Salvatore alias Ernesto will play at the Theatre Night around 22:00



18.8. Opening Night - Festival Letní Letná Prague, CZ

20.8. Velvet Blues - Festival Letní Letná, CZ. 19:00 

13.9. Velvet Blues - Kolín, CZ  Short Pieces in  air - Capi Hnizdo, CZ

We are rehearsing the new performance!!!

It´s called Velvet Blues and aftrer some time we are comming back to the street. Despite the Blues in the name, we promise you are not going to be bored!




We play next:

1.10. Bez Země 

Bábkarská Bystrica 2012 International Festival of Contemporary Puppet Theatre

Banská Bystrica, SK

Trailer performance Bez Země HERE !!

28.8. Na Větvi! International Festival for New Circus and Theatre Letní Letná 2012  -  19:00


 Trailer performance Na Větvi! HERE

9.6. Bez Země - Festival Otevřeno City Theatre, Chomutov - 19:30

29. 5. Na Větvi !  Brno, at 19:30 in Stadec

30. 5. Na Větvi !  Jihlava, at 19:30 in DIOD,

1.–3. 6. Cirk-Uff Festival, Trutnov

1. 6. Na Větvi ! at 18:00, Chapiteau
We will also perform with Čankišou band at 22:00

2. and 3. 6. Workshop Initition Air Acrobtics ! You can try aerial tissus for beginners and advanced - 10:00-14:00


19.3.2012 Bez země - Trutnov UFFO

Décalages in the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre

28.3.-1.4. 2012

28. 3. Na Větvi !

29. 3. Na Větvi !

31. 3. Bez země 

01. 4 Workshop Air Acrobatics for children 




Décalages wish you happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!!



24.09.2011 Open rehearsal of the new project Na větvi! of the company Décalages within action "Zažít město jinak", divadlo Alfred ve dvoře, 14:45 and 15:30


30.-31.08.2011 Workshop of air acrobatic, Prague, CZ

(more info about workshop and application form HERE)


03.06 - 10.06. - Décalages prepare a Site Specific called "Košické imaginacie" - in the city park of Košice (SK)


Regular courses of air acrobatics  in CIRQUEON!!!

Each wednesday at 17:00 and at 19:00

More information here


! Workshop Initiation Air Acrobatics for children ! 27.3.2011, Theatre Alfred ve Dvoře, Prague



"Happiness, whatever it is, provides air, light and freedom of movement", F.Nietzsche



20.-24.10.2010 - Décalages will participate of the festival Village de Cirque, Paris, France

more info about programme here


Courses of air acrobatic start this week on 22nd September in CIRQUEON!!!

More information here


Décalages was awared on the festival Teatrów Europy Środkowej „Sąsiedzi” in Lublin: the special award for extraordinary poetic in the performance TaBALADA.


01.06 - 11.06. - Décalages prepares a Site Specific called "Košické imaginacie" - in the city park of Košice (SK)

See the pictures here


From 28th April untill 20th May, Décalages will be in China, in the Frame of the "World Expo Shanghai 2010"



We would like to express many thanks to the Center of new circus CIRQUEON for providing their space for rehearsing during March and April!!!


Trailer video BEZ ZEMĚ here !!


We would like to express many thanks to the Afred ve Dvoře theatre and o.s. Motus for providing the theatre space for rehearsing during January and February!!!


"I´m not young enough to know everything." James Matthew Barrie, The Admirable Crichton



Pictures from Vladimír Burian during the training session in Art Gallery !!


In november and december, Décalages hangs ropes and tissus for some short pieces in air on the occasion of various private or public galas.

In particular we will be part of the program "Konto Bariéry", on czech TV Nova, 16th december at 20:00 and on ČT1 for program "Sportovec Roku 2009", 22th december at 20:00


More info about the new performance Bez Země HERE !


!!! First Night new Décalages´s performance : 08-09.10.09 - BEZ ZEMĚ - first night within Festival Next wave/Příští vlna in Experimental venue Roxy/NoD


Čankišou and Décalages in the TV program  "Night with Anděl"  here !


After an acrobatic winter, when we have hanged tissus and trapezes for many differents actions and entertainments, we begin to work on our next creation Bez Země ("Without Land") with the French director Véronic Joly, the Czech scenograph Matěj Němeček and the Czech costume-designer Daniela Klimešová, the music composer Daniel Fikejz.


We would like to express many thanks to the Afred ve Dvoře theatre and o.s. Motus for providing the theatre space for rehearsing during January and February!!!


We wish you a beautiful Christmas and happy Aerial year 2009 !


Video from performance TaBALADA here !

Video from performance Obsession here !


28.11.2008 - TaBALADA - The Kult 11 theatre festival, Ústí nad Labem, church of st. Vojtech


Décalages - Theatre in Movement and Palác Akropolis propose a two days WORK-SHOP INITIATION ON FIXED TRAPEZE

When :  22th nov. and  23th nov. 2008

Where : Palác Akropolis, Kubelíkova 27, 130 00 Prague 3


Décalages is going to play to France :

28.9.2008 - Short pieces in air, in festival "Fête de St Florent", Roye - France

3.10.2008 - TaBALADA -opening of the season in cultural centre La Palène, Rouillac - France


12.9.2008 - Obsession - The "Kašparův Kolínský mimoriál" festival, Kolín - the city theatre, CR
13.9.2008 - TaBALADA - The "Kašparův Kolínský mimoriál" festival, Kolín - the island, CR


3-,4-,5.9.2008 - TaBALADA - The "Mystery Boat", Jankovcova street, Prague 7 - !!! the Prague´s first nights !!!


Olina and Canny from the Obří Broskev group will create the music for the physical theatre and acrobatics workshop in the Plumlov´s Chateau


!!! DÉCALAGES - Theatre in movement proposes THE AIR ACROBATICS AND PHYSICAL THEATRE FIVE DAYS SUMMER WORKSHOP!!! August 17th - 24th 2008, The Plumlov chateau, Town of Plumlov (Moravia - Olomouc region)

The performance TaBALADA was honoured with "The Best Performance´s Award" in frame of the Inspiration festival 2008 - Ruiny Teatru Mijestskiego, in Gliwice, Poland.


We will participate in the next concert of music band, Čankišou for the publication of their new CD. 24.4.2008 in Brno, Fléda.


We are preparing a new street performance. An unusual ballad full of physical action, acrobatics, music...
We are pleased, that we can introduce new "support" of our team, who set forward with us to our TaBALADA adventure : Perla Kotmelová (actress), Zoja Mikotová (directors help and dramaturgical consultations), Yumi Hayashi (setting), Daniel Fikejz (author of the music), Petr Piša (construction).
The special and huge thanks to the theatre Alfred ve dvoře and Motus o.s. and to the Studio Altart for their remarkable support during preparation of our performance !


Décalages - Theatre in movement has become one of the three winners in the competition of "Inspiracje 2008" project and will have the opportunity to create the performance inspired by the space of the ruins of the City Theatre in Gliwice - Poland. The result of their work will be performed in this space the 7th of May 2008. 


Seiline and Salvi performed in the latest video-clip of the Obří broskev band. If you wish to see the result, click here: Obří broskev - video-clip.


The performance Obsession was honoured with Spectators´ Award on International Festival of Alternative Theatres "Tempus Art 2007" in Rožňava, Slovakia.


During the tour in Slovakia: „Theatre in Movement", workshop in Rožňava (10.9. - 11.9.2007) as a part of Alternative theatre festival. (More information on


Cooperation with Rosťa Novák, actor and acrobat, for the „The way not only to the New Circus" project (workshop), which will take place in autumn in Archa theatre, Prague, Czech Republic.


Participation in „Aerial creation" workshop of the Ascendances Company (Véronique Gougat et Freddy Desveronnières)/ France (26.8. - 2.9.2007).


„Theatre in movement workshop", Nyírbator /Hungary (8.7. - 14.7.2007), part of « The week of the Winged Dragon »- International festival of street theatre.

Workshop outcome: Epopoi-popoi"performance (14.8.2007)




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